Rukhsana Shah, 13 years Polio-affectedStudent Volunteer in Quetta, Balochistan



I am living with disability caused by polio. I volunteered to support the polio programmeover a year ago. I help with raising awareness on polio and encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated. I think I do an important task when I persuade the community for the success of polio eradication program. 

I belong to a religious family. Many females come to my home to seek my mother’s advice on religious issues. I don’t miss the opportunity and tell them about the importance of polio vaccine and the consequences of the disease that cripples children for life.  I tell them that by refusing vaccination, their children will have to bear the pain of disability throughout their life just like me. I also participate in the community and school sessions organized by the social mobilizers voluntarily. 

Rukhsana Shah
Polio-Affected Student Volunteer
Quetta, Balochistan Province